ebook sheep.com is a competent and energetic platform that supports book lovers in downloading free eBooks. The major goal of our website is to deliver a good-quality fast-speed downloading service in a handy environment without registration and other stressful methods. For providing our users their required book we gather books from the online world and put them on our high-speed Linux servers. It will provide them outstanding downloading speed along with a fully elegant handwritten description. If you discover any copyrighted file or book on our server and you want to remove it, you just have to inform us with solid written proofs and evidence. We will instantly take action and eliminate your files or books within 1 day after your submission of the DMCA complaint. The following are necessary things which should exist in your copyright infringement claim:

  • Valid Email Address
  • Identity and proof of the owner
  • Links and screenshots of the copyrighted material

Send us your copyright infringement claim at [email protected] with this info and we will come to you within 1 business day.